Are your values hanging on the walls or walking through the halls?

You’re probably familiar with the saying, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” but how is it that organizations cultivate a positive, inspired culture? And possibly more difficult, how can leaders turn a negative culture around? Dr. Pilcher explains the steps necessary to begin shifting the culture in the right direction. Our people determine our culture, it lives and evolves inside of us every day.

This episode addresses questions, such as:  

  • Are your values walking the halls? 
  • Are your leaders living the values?
  • Is your organization committed to excellence?
  • What do employees envision to be the “right culture”? 

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Walking the Halls

Imitation is one of the brain's most primal functions. Science tells us that the neurons in our brains form connections that mirror what we observe. Employees will mimic leadership behaviors. This leaves leaders with an awesome responsibility to do and say what they expect from the rest of the organization.

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