As leaders, we should create environments where we recognize and actively value people for their contributions and individual interests and strengths. We help our teams connect to purpose, which connects the heart and the mind. Then, our connected heart and mind guide our hands in action to continue the work focused on our defined purpose.  

It is important for our passion and purpose to be connected. Through our partner and coaching work, we’ve learned that when we believe we have purpose, do worthwhile work and make a difference, we are engaged in the work we do and with the people we serve. 

This Leadership Activator shows us how connecting to purpose can enhance not only our culture but our customer care.

4 ways to help your team connect to their purpose: 

  1. Realign team members and their responsibilities with their passions and strengths. This influences employee satisfaction. 
  2. Acknowledge skill and professional development opportunities that build employee confidence and competency. 
  3. Connect through story-telling. This is critical and important in connecting people and their lived work experiences. 
  4. Create an environment where you actively value people for their contributions. Recognize their individual interests and strengths to create a culture of care and focus on performance. 


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