Increase Teacher Job Satisfaction and Retention

55% of educators indicate they’re ready to leave the profession earlier than planned due to burnout. In this episode of the Accelerate Your Performance Podcast, Dr. Sarah Miller, Director of Partnership and Student Services for TeacherReady, and Dr. Amy Fowler, Coach Director Studer Education Team join us to talk about teacher retention and recruitment. They discuss the most common factors for teachers leaving the field and how school leaders can alleviate this issue through effective recruitment and retainment. They also delve into how leaders may use federal and state funds, such as ESSER funds, to support some of the recommendations suggested throughout the episode.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How might you be able to implement creative recruitment practices within your school, county, or district?
  • Why is retention as important as recruitment?
  • What are helpful tips for leaders applying for federal funding to support teacher retention and job satisfaction?

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