Rethinking School Safety

Safety, this is debatably one of humanities foremost values. The desire to not only survive but to feel safe and secure. How much more important is this ideology to the development of children? The safety within schools and colleges should be sought after with determination, not only for the students, but for the parents, staff, and surrounding community. In today’s episode, Dr. Janet Pilcher invites Deanna Ashby, who recently celebrated her one-year anniversary as a Studer coach, to discuss the topic of school safety, why it’s so important, and her personal experience. She discusses many large and small changes you can implement to boost the safety within schools as well as many reservations school leaders may have. Many leaders may say they can’t afford to take time or money to implement these precautions, but Deanna questions if you can really afford not to.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What are some ways you can implement school safety practices in your county, district, school, or classroom?
  • How can leaders help school resource officers build strong relationships with students and teachers?
  • What actions can leaders take to create an environment that helps students feel safe at school?

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