Make Way for Improvement

The work of continuous improvement is a journey. It requires commitment and hard work, the results of which can be so powerful, as the stories of our guests in this episode attest. Today, the Superintendent of the Estacada School District, Ryan Carpenter, joins us, along with Studer Education Leader Coach, Dr. Kathy Oropallo— or Kathy, as we like to call her. Ryan and Kathy recently co-authored a chapter in Teaching Improvement Science in Educational Leadership, which they will share about. The chapter they collaborated on is about aligning values, goals, and processes to achieve results. As you’ll hear, Ryan’s leadership at Escatada is a shining example of this. They will also share advice for leaders new to the work of continuous improvement as well as words of wisdom for leaders who are deep in the work. Listen now to hear their rich discussion.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What are some key actions I can take to build my organization’s culture?
  • Why is it important for leaders to continually tell their stories?
  • What are some things leaders should avoid to help them stay committed to the work of continuous improvement?

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