Rethinking Teacher Preparation Programs

The landscape of the educational system is continuously changing– and particularly so right now. Across the country, there is a struggle to fill the demand for teaching positions in high-need areas. As today’s guest puts it, it’s calling us to unthink and rethink teacher preparation programs. In this episode, Dr. Sarah Miller, Director of Partnership and Student Services for TeacherReady, joins us to discuss the impact of alternative teacher credentialing and what she and the TeacherReady team has learned is creating access for a diverse range of candidates. Dr. Janet Pilcher and Dr. Miller will present on this topic at this year’s Carnegie Summit 2022. Listen now to hear the conversation as well as more about their upcoming presentation.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How does feedback fuel the achievement of excellence?
  • What can leaders in the field of education learn from other fields?
  • Why is unlearning more important than intelligence?

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