The Nine Principles® are the guiding principles for improvement work for any organization that intends to be excellent. These principles set the behaviors and expectations for organizations to create and sustain a culture of excellence where individuals choose to work and achieve at high levels. Likewise, the Nine Principles® are the easiest way to communicate to every department what it takes to create a culture of high performance.  

Years ago, the Nine Principles® (Hardwiring Excellence, Studer) were developed to give organizations a process to attain desired results. They are a roadmap to help organizations develop a success-based culture using data or evidence to chart the course. The Nine Principles® are the guiding concepts of organizational excellence.

So, what are the Nine Principles®? 

the-nine-principles-wheel-text-blockOrganizations and systems have made an unprecedented commitment to the pursuit of performance excellence. Notice the first of the Nine Principles®. This is where organizations must start.  

The Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award is awarded by the United States Congress to those organizations that exhibit superior management and earn the presidential honor for performance excellence. The Nine Principles® within our own organization serve as the roadmap for ensuring consistently superior performance. Our principles align to the Baldrige performance excellence criteria. 

Maximize Performance: Creating a Culture for Educational Excellence helps education leaders engage in systematic reviews to diagnose, apply, assess and validate the execution of high yield strategies across organizations in order to achieve those superior performance levels needed for the Baldrige recognition 

Learn more about Maximize Performance at http://www.firestarterpublishing.com/MaximizePerformance. Follow the authors on Twitter: @quint_studer and @janetpilcher. Learn more about the Nine Principles®, Studer Education and the new online leader development platform at www.9principles.com.

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