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The most effective communicators are those who can connect the dots for others in a way that creates clear understanding and leads the desired outcome. Good leaders are effective communicators. Great leaders use good communication strategies and have a special touch with people. This is the science and the art of communication and leadership at their best. Here’s a quick tip for improving communication skills; after connecting with a group. our goal is always to accomplish three things:

1. Make sure the listener understands the outcome or the result of the technique or tool;

2. Explain how to implement the expected action, and then

3. tell a story that illustrates the impact.

If this is done well, those who are most influenced by the metric outcome will hear a call to action and the how. Those most moved by the human impact will also hear the call to action and the how. Most people respond to both the metric outcome and what it represents in human terms, but some favor one more than the other. Either way, the key is moving people to action.

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