Conventional team members are confident and others are reassured because of their consistency in process and approach.




Working with a team, Conventional team members stick to the process. They thrive on routine and are known for following the plan and the rules. Conventional team members don’t mind being assertive, especially when it comes to holding others accountable to the agreed upon standard. These team members tend to be the go-to for quality control and helping others learn the “way we do it.”

Potential Pitfalls

Conventional team members have a hard time functioning when systems and processes are not in place. They have a low tolerance for disorder and lack of structure. Conventional team members find it difficult to adapt to a new way of doing things, but will work hard to adjust when the new path is clearly outlined.

Build Team Excellence

Teams can rely on Conventional team members to maintain precise documentation of processes and standards of practice. They can be counted on to carry out tasks and follow routines and will rarely, if ever, deviate from the team’s plan. These team members typically enjoy working with data and often help the team keep track of important information. Keep Conventional team members highly engaged by establishing and adhering to processes for frequently occurring situations. These team members appreciate when others consistently uphold the norms.

Personal Growth

You do not enjoy figuring things out as you go. You prefer a solid plan and direction, but are not usually the one to design the steps. Next time you come across a process-gap, challenge yourself and create the process for the team or revamp an existing process. Rely on your knowledge of what has worked in the past to decide what could work best for the new situation. Use your assertiveness to confidently present the plan to your team.


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Conventional team members are confident and others are reassured because of their consistency in process and approach.

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