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A podcast for parents who want their children to be successful in school and life.

As a parent, you’re busy and not always sure if you’re “doing it right.” That’s where we come in. We know you already have what it takes to coach your child’s learning. You just need a few tips, a few answers, and some good encouragement along the way. Host, Dr. Erica Karr is an experienced educator, leader and working parent.  Along with co-host, Mary Stackhouse, School House brings you advice from experts to increase your confidence and successfully support your child’s learning. In each episode, Erica and Mary also answer your most pressing questions.



EP19: Overcoming Overwhelm as a Parent

Most children can relate to feeling stressed or overwhelmed at some point in school, and amid a pandemic, parents are experiencing these exact feelings. In the previous episode, our social worker friend who works with students joined us to share tips for parents looking to coach their kids through tough moments. In this episode, Robin Matarazzo returns to share tips for parents who are feeling overwhelmed as they try to support their child's learning. Listen as Robin discusses ways parents [...]

EP18: Overcoming Overwhelm as a Child

School can be overwhelming for children at times. Amid a pandemic, feelings of stress and anxiety are understandably heightened. In this episode, a social worker who works with elementary, middle and high school students joins us to share insights for parents looking to coach their children through these tough moments. Listen as our guest, Robin Matarazzo, offers valuable tips that can help you help your child overcome overwhelm.

EP 17: Communicating Concerns to the Teacher

Communicating concerns to the teacher can be nerve-racking. Parents sometimes avoid bringing things up because it’s uncomfortable. Every teacher wants every parent to feel good about their child’s learning experience. In this episode, we give parents a framework for communicating concerns. This solution-seeking conversation leaves both parent and teacher feeling clear and confident about next steps to support the learning.

EP16: Build Ownership of Learning

Taking ownership and initiative can be taught. It might take time, but it is possible. In this episode, we talk about reflection, self-assessment, and small wins as keys for parents who want to build ownership of learning.

EP 15: It’s All Great Until I’m on a Call

Working from home while your child is learning from home has its ups and downs. We invited our virtual colleague and parent-friend, Dee Dee Thompkins to give us her best tips for minimizing interruptions during work calls and meetings. Her ideas are mind-blowingly good.

EP14: Keeping Up with Schoolwork

Does your child need help keeping up with schoolwork? Coach your child to keep track of the work and to figure out when to do it. In this episode, we break down two ways to get your child organized and set up for schoolwork success.