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A podcast for parents who want their children to be successful in school and life.

As a parent, you’re busy and not always sure if you’re “doing it right.” That’s where we come in. We know you already have what it takes to coach your child’s learning. You just need a few tips, a few answers, and some good encouragement along the way. Host, Dr. Erica Karr is an experienced educator, leader and working parent.  Along with co-host, Mary Stackhouse, School House brings you advice from experts to increase your confidence and successfully support your child’s learning. In each episode, Erica and Mary also answer your most pressing questions.



EP 08 Coaching Kids To Be Grateful

“Gratitude helps us create and spread meaning out of the goodness and kindness we experience.” In this episode, Dr. Giacomo Bono describes how gratitude is “growable.” He explains the relationship between gratitude and learning, and provides practical tips for parents who want to coach their kids to be grateful.

EP07 How Does My Child Actually Learn?

“Parents are brain changers.” In this episode, Dr. Anne Gutshall joins us to break down the learning process. She describes how connections form in the brain when we learn something new. She also gives us simple steps parents can take to support this important brain work. This is an episode you don’t want to miss!

EP06 Is My Child On Track at School?

Most of us are non-stop throughout the week and none of us want to be blindsided at report card time. This episode is all about helping you get a better grasp on how your child is doing with schoolwork. We offer busy parents three tips for keeping track and a bonus tip about celebrating progress.

EP05 Read, Read, and Read Some More

“If you want your children to be intelligent, read them fairy tales. If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more fairy tales.” – Albert Einstein Reading is a critical activity when it comes to learning. Reading on a regular basis sets your child up for success in school and life. In this episode we’ll offer some ways for parents to encourage a love of reading. We’ll also give you a few ideas for making reading fun!

EP04 Am I Bugging the Teacher?

“Teachers are busy. I don’t want to add to the load.” Our parent-friend, Kate Hendrickson, tells us she has these thoughts every time she reaches out to the teacher. Rest assured, “You are not bugging the teacher,” says educator, Dr. Reggie Todd. In this episode, Kate and Reggie, offer reassurance and tips for reaching out. They also share some key words you can use in your next message to the teacher.

EP03 Making Friends While Learning Remotely

Are you concerned about your child’s social connections? You’re not alone. With a new school year underway and a persistent pandemic, parents want to make sure their children aren’t missing out on the social aspect of learning. In this episode, we talk to two parent friends, Tera Ali and Annie Nihls, about their concerns and how they’re creating opportunities for their children to socialize.