Harvesting Wins

In our profession we tend to view performance with a critical eye or we look for what can be improved rather than what is right. Sometimes we should purposely look for the “wins” by posting as [...]

Ask What You Can Do to Improve

As leaders, we do some things well and others not so well. Our perception is not always the perception of others. We build emotional bank accounts with employees by asking them what we can do to [...]

Show Your Gratitude

Sometimes we take for granted all the good things that employees do for students, parents, and each other. Openly thank employees by being very specific about why you are thanking them or send [...]

Be Open, Honest, and Transparent

Leaders in general tend to receive low marks in their ability to effectively communicate. Usually, the approach and content present the major sources of the problem. To establish trust, [...]

Model Good Behavior and Practice

“What We Permit, We Promote.” When we fail to follow a rule or allow employees to break a rule from time to time, we are saying to others, “It is okay to break this rule.” We model good behavior [...]

Connect With Employees

We work with leaders to connect with employees by making rounds with them. Different from a classroom walk-through, in rounding leaders engage in meaningful and genuine conversations with [...]