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Hurricane Sally recently impacted our local area in Pensacola, leaving thousands with damage, flooding, and even the loss of an essential bridge between our communities. But what left the greatest impression on our host, Janet Pilcher was the small, yet powerful acts of thoughtfulness that emerged among the mess. Striking acts of thoughtfulness were not only seen within our team but across our city. Being thoughtful is so much more than being nice, it requires more reflection and consideration. In this episode, listen as our Host Janet Pilcher discusses how being thoughtful can be a real difference-maker in our organizations.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • What does it take to be authentically thoughtful?
  • How can we show gratitude in specific and meaningful ways?
  • How can we respond to others when they’re feeling anxious?

Featured Episode Resources

Values Guide Resilience

Let your values to guide your team to build resilience. Values help leaders stay focused and on track while leading change. Values help leaders and teams make decisions, focus on what matters, and clearly define success aligned to the purpose of the organization.

The Impact of One

Commitment comes from purpose (JoAnn Sternke, 2019). The more we help every person on the team connect to the purpose of the organization, the more we see individual actions that support collective success. The ones who are clear on the organization's purpose and then connect their personal purpose to that mission create large and meaningful impact across the enterprise.

How Good Leaders Manage Anxiety

Dealing with the pressure to keep pace and grow in the midst of VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity) has become the new norm for many of us at work. A key skill that marks great leaders is the ability to effectively manage this and other pressures and anxieties - in yourself and others.

Expressing Gratitude

Making concepts like "gratitude" and "appreciation" come alive are often met with skepticism by employees. How does a thank you note make a difference? All employees want to work in a place where there is purpose, worthwhile work, and the opportunity to make a difference (Studer, 2008).

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