Leaders help create environments that provide the best opportunities for employees to be the best.

This episode is part two of a three-part series. It introduces and gives a brief overview of Principles 4-6 of the Nine Principles®. Principles 4-6 are:

4. Create and Develop Leaders
5. Focus on Employee Engagement
6. Build Individual Accountability

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Conducting A Listening Tour

A listening tour is a lot like it sounds; specific time set aside to meet with people and listen to them. The only goal of a listening tour to is gather as much information as possible within the set aside timeframe, no decisions are made, nor actions taken during this time.

Be An Owner

Ownership is more than employee "buy-in" or lack of resistance when change or barriers bring stress. If you own your organization as an employee, you are willing to do whatever it takes to accomplish goals and live out the mission and you experience great satisfaction and pride when the organization succeeds, just as you would celebrate the success of a child or spouse.

Leader Connection Questions

Studies show employees want to provide input, but don't feel like they are being heard. More than half of employees say their company fails to act on good ideas, and a third of employees feel their ideas are ignored.

Set Up: Timeless Leadership Skills for your Success

Learn how to produce great results while encouraging your team's individual growth and engagement.



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