Doing the right things for the right reason in the right way at the right time.

This episode is the final part of a three-part series. It introduces and gives a brief overview of Principles 7-9 of the Nine Principles®. These Principles are:  

7. Align Behaviors with Goals and Values.
8. Communicate at All Levels.
9. Reward and Recognize Success.  

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Set Aligned Goals

High-performing organizations have a system for setting goals. More important, high performing leaders are systematic in how they reach the goals they set. Leaders in high performing organizations are very clear about why they set goals for the organization, for themselves, and for the employees who report to them.

What Gets Recognized Gets Repeated

Recognition of employee behavior should align to the goals and values of the organization and all employees should have an awareness of the goals and values. Standards of Practice and Core Values are part of the culture of an organization and alignment with these keeps recognition from being random or individualized by leader.

Cascading Communication

An effective, aligned message ensures all stakeholders have accurate information in a timely manner. All stakeholders hear the same messages from their leaders which gives employees confidence and makes them feel trusted.

Hardwiring Excellence

In the book, Hardwiring Excellence, author Quint Studer offers a practical how-to guide for creating and sustaining a workplace culture.



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