Always Improve. Using PDSA Cycles.

Most leaders want to be more successful than they were yesterday and are always searching for ways to improve. Some organizations exceed results year after year. Others can’t seem to sustain. How [...]

EP16: High Performers: Who Are They?

What are the 5 characteristics of high performers and why they are crucial to keep on your team? High performers do their best and their best makes a difference; they deserve for us to give our [...]

This Button Does Not Work

Picture it. You’re standing at a busy intersection in New York City. You press the crosswalk button and wait as traffic whirls by. After several minutes, you press the button again. A fellow [...]

EP15: Building a Bank Account of Trust

Dr. Pilcher explains what an emotional bank account is, and why it’s necessary to maintain a positive balance with your teams and coworkers in this week's episode. Master how you can provide [...]

Making Continuous Improvement Stick

“Your system is not going to get any better, unless your system is focused on getting better.” It’s a candid realization sparked by Dr. Pat Greco, a leadership coach and [...]

EP14: Small Things, Big Difference

Through kindness we have a greater opportunity to achieve higher results. Individuals who combine their skills with kindness and drive can’t be stopped. Studies even show leaders who project [...]

3 Behaviors that Poison Your Culture

We know that a positive culture is important for any organization’s health. In a survey by CultureIQ, 73% of respondents indicated that a great corporate culture drives competitive advantage for [...]

EP13: That’s the Way It Is

Can you recall a time when you’ve been frustrated with another department in your organization, and you were told nothing can be done to solve the problem? Are leaders fighting about who is [...]