High Performers put the organization first.

What are the 5 characteristics of high performers and why they are crucial to keep on your team? High performers do their best and their best makes a difference; they deserve for us to give our best to them. Learn how to identify your high performers, and how to retain them using the 3 techniques provided this week.

This episode addresses questions, such as:

  • How do high performing employees act?
  • How do we retain our highest performing employees?
  • What do high performers want for from their leaders?

High Performers: Who Are They? is the first episode in a series of episodes describing the performance curve and performance conversations.

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Themes of High-Performing Employees

Individual conversations designed to re-recruit the best individuals in your organization are essential to driving quality outcomes and engagement. In this short clip, KK Owen explains what high performers want and what leaders can do to keep them in the organization.

The Irreplaceables

America's schools are losing too many of their best teachers. Many schools rarely make a strong effort to keep "Irreplaceables," teachers so successful at advancing student learning that they are nearly impossible to replace. A simple question could have convinced an irreplaceable employee to stay.



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