Lead by Permission

How do you become a leader that everyone wants to work for? Lead by permission and not by authority. Every boss has a title. That title gives them an authority to lead, make decisions, delegate, [...]

Key Drivers for Changing a Culture

Four years ago… you couldn’t get a group of people in the room to have a shared conversation and understanding about who we were, what our purpose was, and where we were headed. [...]

EP42: Focus on Service Excellence

Service excellence is more than just being polite or being ready to offer the unsatisfied customer a discount. Join Donna Kirby and Janet Pilcher this week as they conclude their conversation [...]

Lead with Purpose

A person’s motivations for working ties directly to purpose Think about where you work. Are your coworkers achieving their highest potential? Are you achieving your highest potential? [...]

Create a Culture of Recognition

As humans, we all have emotions. We like to hear what we are good at. We love knowing that we are appreciated. It is important to know that our contributions are making a difference. Taking the [...]

EP41: The Value of Great Service

Service Excellence differentiates your organization from others in your industry. Great leaders place importance on how to become the best service provider for what they do. Donna Kirby returns [...]

EP40: Turn Customers into Loyal Fans

Donna Kirby, the Vice President of Operations at the Pensacola Blue Wahoo’s AA Baseball team, joins Janet Pilcher this week to talk about Donna’s journey to becoming a leader of best practices in [...]

EP39: Stressed from Stress?

Many successful, hardworking Americans experience burnout more than once during their careers, even people who are passionate about what they do. High performers can be obsessed with achieving [...]