Transforming Education in Colorado

Colorado education leaders are working together to drive positive change, foster continuous improvement, and shape a brighter future for all students.

School districts across the country are working closely with Studer Education to enhance continuous improvement efforts, elevate student outcomes, and shape the future of education. Our commitment to guide and support our district partners to foster positive change has paved the way for transformative initiatives. Explore the success stories of our district partners in Colorado and throughout the country.

K12 Education in Colorado

Our Impact

“We’re in year five of our Studer Education partnership and it goes back to the basics of authentically engaging staff – re-grounding with rounding, 30/60/90 days, and rewards and recognition. That’s allowed me to reengage with staff authentically. Reward and recognition is [also] good for me. It’s good for my soul. It makes me feel better – proving that those little recognitions helps leaders as well. The tactics and strategies from Studer – they work.”
Sean Dorsey, Innovation Leader • Sand Creek Zone District 49, CO


“By using improvement practices and strategies it has allowed me to not go off feelings, but on what the data is telling me. This has also pushed me to not just go through the motions, but always look for a more efficient way to improve the system for the benefit of staff, students, and families.”
Trevor Syring, Vice Principal • River Mill Elementary School, OR.


“Studer Education has been instrumental in helping us with our two-way communication structures. Trust between our administration and employees was a big priority when we first began. I just finished rounding for the third straight year with every school and employee group. By far, this was the most positive of all. The overall culture in our school district is positive because of rounding. I heard so many comments about us communicating the ‘why’ of the decisions.”
Mark Martin, Superintendent • Meade County School District, KY.


“We weren’t new to the idea of collecting data, but we were very new to sharing the results. As district leadership, I felt it was very important that we be the ones to take that first step in the journey of identifying the data points, sharing the results, and then creating measurable and specific goals so that we could model what true continuous improvement looks like for a school district…[Studer Education] really took us beyond the stage of observational data to give us true data points and measurements where we could have deep and focused conversations. ”
Dr. Tim Dilg, Superintendent • Valley Park School District, MO.

Consult with Our Solutions Experts in Colorado

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Tim Hansford
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Ryan Hess
Director of Partner Development

Hear Stories of Colorado Excellence

The Accelerate Your Performance podcast shares stories of excellent organizations, ground-breaking leaders, and the practices behind their success. These episodes focus on our Oregon partners who use tactical actions to improve workplace culture and their organizational effectiveness.

Always leave the organization better than you found it. One school district found a unique way to find the best High School Principal candidate. Listen to how Superintendent Sean Dorsey of Sand Creek Zone District 49, hires boldly and authentically to engage staff and students through challenging times.

Sand Creek Zone strives to provide quality education by developing tools and systems that allow their staff to focus on the people they serve. By adopting Huron Rounding, Sand Creek Zone improved their ability to connect often with staff and collect feedback to remove barriers and recognize colleagues who were making impact.

System-wide Education Improvement

With solutions to support excellence from the district office to the classroom, Studer Education meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to go.

Organizational Excellence Coaching​

Apply a systems improvement approach to achieve at the highest levels. Coach leaders to focus on people, strategy, execution, culture, and results.​

Strategic Planning

Develop an aligned strategic direction and implement systems and processes that empower people to execute on strategy.

Leading School Improvement

Turn around under-performing schools or take consistent schools to the next level with proven leadership strategies.

Leading Classroom Improvement

Integrate improvement practices in classrooms to engage teachers, students, and parents in student learning.​

Feedback Surveys & Results

Use data and input from stakeholders to develop solve big challenges with the support and alignment. ​

Nine Principles Academy

Provide just-in-time, research-based tools and training to scale effective leadership and instructional practices for school and classroom leaders.​

Accomplish results by tackling big challenges

  • Align Teams on a Shared Strategic Direction​
  • Establish Systems and Processes that Accelerate Results​
  • Engage Your Community, Families, and Board Members as Partners in Achieving Outcomes
  • Implement Continuous Improvement Initiatives at Scale​
  • Transform Workplace Culture​
  • Develop All Leaders and Empower them to Solve Problems​

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