Tina Posnanski

Tina is a leader coach who is passionate about continuous improvement at all levels of the organization (district, school, and classroom). She is skilled in the use of tools and processes to [...]

Brent Brummet

The driving force behind Brent’s passion for public education is a belief that school improvement and school culture are the keys to the success and productivity of students and teachers alike. [...]

Charlotte Boling

Charlotte is a leader coach with industry experience in K-12 and University settings. She brings decades of experience in continuous improvement, organizational efficiency, instructional [...]

Bill Adams

Bill is a Leader Coach with an extensive background in K-12 public education. His understanding of and passion for leadership development has given him many opportunities to grow and develop [...]

Kathy Myles

Kathy is a leader coach with expertise implementing research and evidence-based implementation. Understanding the collective effort needed, Kathy employs strategies to ensure a positive adult [...]

Pam Northrup

Pam Northrup, Ph.D., is a senior director, higher education leader coach and innovation leader for Studer Education with extensive knowledge and expertise in supporting career-ready learning, [...]

Bonita Coleman

Bonita serves as a Leader Coach for Studer Education. The belief that all children deserve an education that honors their potential and their purpose fuels her passion to continue to serve [...]

Sue Lee

Sue Lee oversees the Leading Classroom Improvement Solution with Studer Education. Her core mission of building capacity in people is evident in her relentless pursuit to help students become [...]

Casey Blochowiak

With more than 15 years of educational experience as a leader and teacher, Casey coaches educational leaders to attain organizational excellence and achieve their goals through alignment and [...]

Sarah Miller

Dr. Miller focuses her passion for customer service and continuous improvement on helping educational institutions transform culture by refining service excellence and incorporating tactics for [...]

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