EP206: Ask Yourself These 5 Questions

We all know that a leader's behavior has a significant influence on the employees of an organization. Great leaders are reflective, have self-awareness and are connected to the people they serve. [...]

EP205: Hiring the Right Principal

Hiring a High School Principal is a can't-miss situation. Due to decreases in qualified applicants for these positions, one school district found a unique way to find the best candidate. Joining [...]

EP204: Sending Hope to Louisiana

The northern gulf coast is home to millions of residents who are no strangers to natural disasters. Today, Dr. Janet Pilcher reflects on our education partners who have suffered tremendous damage [...]

EP203: Tackle Student Learning Gaps

Ensuring learning progress despite disruptions to learning has been no easy feat since the pandemic began. However, at Erwin Middle School leaders worked together to decrease student absences by [...]

EP202: Do What’s Right for Students

The skills that students need to be successful after school ends are rapidly changing. What it means to be career-ready tomorrow, will look different in 2025. To best support students for the [...]

EP200: How Leaders Stay Grounded

"Get comfortable being uncomfortable." It's a saying you've likely heard before, and one that today's guest says applies to being a Superintendent. As an educator for 29 years, Deanna (Dede) [...]