Developing a Year at a Glance

It may take eight weeks or longer to replace a person leaving a position. During this transition, remaining team members are left filling the gaps. Therefore, preparing in advance for employee [...]

EP34: Get Up Before You Fall Too Far

It’s difficult to become a great organization, and even more difficult to sustain that success. This week, Dr. Pilcher explores the 5 stages of defeat as identified in Jim Collin’s book ‘How the [...]

EP33: Unmistakable Value

How can organizations set themselves apart and provide their stakeholders with unmistakable value? It all starts with effective leadership and a culture focused on purpose. Dr. KK Owen joins Dr. [...]

Unleash the Power of Your People

When critical members of the team leave, it can be unsettling. Every organization has members who carry specific skills and knowledge that impact the entire organization. They know the technology [...]

EP32: Turn Ideas into Action

Are you really listening to your employees? Many employees don’t think so, in fact, more than half of employees say their company fails to act on good ideas, and a third of employees feel their [...]

EP30: Building Trust in the Workplace

Thriving workplaces depend on trust to continue to grow and excel. However, most of us can recognize; trust isn’t given, its earned. Building positive relationships in the workplace lays the [...]