Transforming Schools in Alabama

Alabama education leaders are working together to drive positive change, foster continuous improvement, and shape a brighter future for all students.

K12 schools and districts are working closely with Studer Education to enhance continuous improvement efforts, elevate student outcomes, and shape the future of education. Our commitment to guide and support our education partners to foster change has paved the way for positive transformations. Explore the success stories of our partners in Alabama and beyond, including strategies, innovations, and tangible outcomes that have emerged through collaborative efforts with dedicated educators.

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How to Lead a School Out of Low Performance: A Principal’s Success Story


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Erwin Middle School in Jefferson County, Alabama needed a champion. They found that in Dr. Angela Bush’s leadership. Through a collaboration with Studer Education, Dr. Bush and her team empowered a diverse group of educators to address chronic absenteeism and low academic performance, leading to improved connections among school staff, students, guardians, and the community.

A Superintendent’s Guide to Succession Planning


If we wait for critical team members to leave the organization before we begin planning for a quality successor, it’s often too late.
– Dr. Pat Greco

A succession plan is more than a list of job responsibilities. It captures the essential skills and key work that can only be defined by the person serving in the role. This eBook includes insightful strategies and actionable steps to cultivate leadership talent within your organization, ensuring a seamless transition when the need arises.

Our Impact

“Using improvement practices to guide my work helps me to see a problem as a series of small improvements toward a solution rather than one big solution that seems impossible to reach.”
David Shimer, Superintendent • Burton School District, CA.


“We truly believe that if we have the right people within our organization then the results are going to follow. So when we think about our ability to hardwire our core strategies, our core principles within the work that we do.. a lot of that came out of our partnership with Studer Education. I think we knew the importance of having these processes and systems well ingrained into our organization to ensure success, but I’m not certain that we were as intentional about ensuring that all entities within every layer of our organization understood what we were trying to achieve.”
Rob Clayton, Superintendent • Warren County Public Schools, KY.


“Our journey with improvement science isn’t a magic pill, but close. The improvement science tools can be used with all students to drive their understanding of their own learning and to create the intrinsic motivation.”
Jay Swatek, Principal • Tea Area School District, SD.

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Hear Stories of Alabama Excellence

The Accelerate Your Performance podcast highlights stories of outstanding organizations, pioneering leaders, and the practices that drive their success. Alongside these episodes, our insights blog spotlights partners who employ strategic actions to enhance workplace culture and organizational effectiveness.

Tarrant City Schools, in Tarrant, AL, has made strides in a positive direction through their work with Studer Education Leader Coach KK Owen to implement professional performance conversations. They have seen promising results due to their diligent work in differentiating high performers from low performers, effectively having the conversations, and checking back in with employees to reassess.

Dr. Janet Pilcher invites Dr. Angela Bush, principal of Erwin Middle School in Birmingham, Alabama, to discuss how she has moved her school from low-performing to now the top-ranked school in the Jefferson County School District for attendance.

In today’s evolving educational landscape, district and school leaders encounter challenges that can impede progress and student success. At the Carnegie Summit, Blake Frazier from Jefferson County Schools, Alabama, shared how his district overcame disruptions and promoted continuous improvement by prioritizing people, using data effectively, and aligning efforts with community goals. His strategies offer valuable insights for other education leaders facing similar challenges.

Education leaders on the panel not only highlighted what it takes to be a great superintendent, but also shared their input on what the school board needs to consider when searching for the next superintendent. The biggest advice our partners gave to the school board was to listen.

“Listen to what your community shares in terms of what’s important to them,” said former Birmingham City Schools Superintendent, Lisa Herring.

System-wide Education Improvement

With solutions to support excellence from the district office to the classroom, Studer Education meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to go.

Organizational Excellence Coaching​

Apply a systems improvement approach to achieve at the highest levels. Coach leaders to focus on people, strategy, execution, culture, and results.​

Strategic Planning

Develop an aligned strategic direction and implement systems and processes that empower people to execute on strategy.

Leading School Improvement

Turn around under-performing schools or take consistent schools to the next level with proven leadership strategies.

Leading Classroom Improvement

Integrate improvement practices in classrooms to engage teachers, students, and parents in student learning.​

Feedback Surveys & Results

Use data and input from stakeholders to develop solve big challenges with the support and alignment. ​

Nine Principles Academy

Provide just-in-time, research-based tools and training to scale effective leadership and instructional practices for school and classroom leaders.​

Accomplish results by tackling big challenges

  • Align Teams on a Shared Strategic Direction​
  • Establish Systems and Processes that Accelerate Results​
  • Engage Your Community, Families, and Board Members as Partners in Achieving Outcomes
  • Implement Continuous Improvement Initiatives at Scale​
  • Transform Workplace Culture​
  • Develop All Leaders and Empower them to Solve Problems​

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