Transforming Schools in Wisconsin

Wisconsin education leaders work together to drive positive change, foster continuous improvement, and shape a brighter future for all students.

School districts across the country are working collaboratively with Studer Education to enhance continuous improvement efforts, elevate student outcomes, and shape the future of education. Our commitment to guide and support our district partners to foster positive change has paved the way for transformative initiatives. Explore the success stories of our partners in Wisconsin and throughout the country.

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Our Impact

“Studer Education helped us create and implement a Strategic Plan for the entire district. This plan has allowed us to stay focused on specific goals related to school improvement. In our work with school leaders, the plan has served as the basis for “why” we do what we do. It also defines what our goals are and how we will accomplish them.”
Deidre Roemer, Superintendent • West Allis-West Milwaukee School District, WI.


“Now is a great time to get started. If you don’t have it in place, defining with your team what customer success looks like and maybe, even more importantly today in this crisis, what does an engaged workforce look like? How are you going to measure it and how are you going to build that culture? Because that investment for us in the past few years is paying dividends— literally hourly— for us.”
Dale Shaver, Director of Parks and Land Use • Waukesha County, WI.


“The culture building that we’ve done over the last 8 years of just really focusing on leadership as a behavior rather than title because there’s no way we could have done what we’ve done if we were reliant on just our leadership team.”
Corey Golla , Former Superintendent • School District of Menomonee Falls, WI.


“We introduced the strategies that Studer teaches and survey tools, which have helped us achieve much more consistency in leadership…Two of our first big steps were conducting employee engagement and customer satisfaction surveys. We tied those results directly to the leader scorecards, which became their evaluation. Using survey results to evaluate leaders motivated us to get on board pretty quickly. The process made getting on board necessary because you can’t score well If you’re not on board.”
Jon Malone, Regional Director and Chief Executive • Northwestern Illinois Association, IL.

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Hear Stories of Wisconsin Excellence

The Accelerate Your Performance podcast shares stories of excellent organizations, ground-breaking leaders, and the practices behind their success. These episodes, alongside our insights blog, focus on our partners that use tactical actions to improve workplace culture and their organizational effectiveness.

Al Betry, Cooperative Educational Services Agency 9 (CESA 9) Agency Administrator, dives into his strategies for driving improvement and fostering a positive work culture. Discover the importance of exceptional service in achieving success and how it shapes the agency’s journey. Explore CESA 9’s inclusive strategic planning approach, which emphasizes diverse input and shared values. Gain insights into CESA 9’s culture playbook focusing on compassion, integrity, and growth, all aimed at enhancing employee engagement.

Jeff Dellutri, Superintendent of Fox Point-Bayside School District, shares what it takes to be a transparent, collaborative leader dedicated to organizational improvement. Dellutri shares his motivation for committing to this work, discusses the results achieved through improvement efforts, and highlights how his collaborative leadership style has influenced these outcomes.

Embedding the context of local culture into classrooms results in a more successful, memorable experience for students. In Lac du Flambeau in Northern Wisconsin, Superintendent Dr. Larry Ouimette discusses how the local Native American Ojibwe Tribe is an integral piece of the community, the school system, and local cultural values.

District leaders from Muskego-Norway Schools in Muskego, Wisconsin, speak on the ways they have consistently improved parent satisfaction and employee engagement, despite the pandemic. Superintendent Dr. Kelly Thompson and Jeff Petersen, Assistant Superintendent of Continuous Improvement, share how they addressed substitute and staffing challenges as well as how they’ve grown a culture of meaningfulness for employees.

System-wide Education Improvement

With solutions to support excellence from the district office to the classroom, Studer Education meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to go.

Organizational Excellence Coaching​

Apply a systems improvement approach to achieve at the highest levels. Coach leaders to focus on people, strategy, execution, culture, and results.​

Strategic Planning

Develop an aligned strategic direction and implement systems and processes that empower people to execute on strategy.

Leading School Improvement

Turn around under-performing schools or take consistent schools to the next level with proven leadership strategies.

Leading Classroom Improvement

Integrate improvement practices in classrooms to engage teachers, students, and parents in student learning.​

Feedback Surveys & Results

Use data and input from stakeholders to develop solve big challenges with the support and alignment. ​

Nine Principles Academy

Provide just-in-time, research-based tools and training to scale effective leadership and instructional practices for school and classroom leaders.​

Accomplish results by tackling big challenges

  • Align Teams on a Shared Strategic Direction​
  • Establish Systems and Processes that Accelerate Results​
  • Engage Your Community, Families, and Board Members as Partners in Achieving Outcomes
  • Implement Continuous Improvement Initiatives at Scale​
  • Transform Workplace Culture​
  • Develop All Leaders and Empower them to Solve Problems​

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