Transforming Education in California

Discover how California education leaders are driving positive change, fostering continuous improvement, and shaping a brighter future for all students.

K12 partner districts and county offices of education work hand-in-hand with Studer Education to elevate student outcomes, enhance continuous improvement efforts, and shape the future of education. Our commitment to fostering positive change has paved the way for transformative initiatives. Explore the success stories of our California partners.

Uncover the strategies, innovations, and tangible outcomes that have emerged through collaborative efforts with dedicated educators across the state.

Transforming Education in California - State of California - K12 Education

Our Impact

Burton School District Leaders Share Outcomes


“Using improvement practices to guide my work helps me to see a problem as a series of small improvements toward a solution rather than one big solution that seems impossible to reach.”
David Shimer, Superintendent


“Improvement practices and strategies have helped me to rely on data and to continuously measure what matters. This has helped us to make better-informed decisions and increase ownership of the strategies we are implementing to address needs. Using data and continuous improvement strategies has helped us to see the impacts of our work and the positive changes we are making.”
Briana Kehoe, Director, Educational Services – Elementary Schools


“The use of improvement practices and strategies have impacted the lens which I use to measure our growth.”
Omar Lopez, Teacher


Burton School Improvement Story

Consult with Our Solutions Experts in California

Tim Hansford

Tim Hansford
Partner Development Associate

Ryan Hess

Ryan Hess
Director of Partner Development

Hear Stories of California Excellence

The Accelerate Your Performance podcast shares stories of excellent organizations, ground-breaking leaders, and the practices behind their success. These episodes focus on our California partners that use tactical actions to improve workplace culture and their organizational effectiveness.

Featuring Dr. Christi Barrett, Superintendent of Hemet Unified School District in Hemet, CA.

Sharing the importance of commitment to leadership development, student safety, community opportunities, and improvement work. Discussion of the tactics, such as daily leader huddles, used to achieve successful outcomes and promote continuous improvement.

Featuring Sergio Mendoza, former Superintendent of Burton School District in Porterville, CA.

Reflection on a successful education leadership journey using a range of improvement tools, such as scorecards and PDSA cycles, that Mr. Mendoza used to cultivate a culture to drive continuous growth.

Featuring Dr. Ed Manansala, County Superintendent of Schools for El Dorado County, and Dr. Ken Futernick, writer and educational consultant

Bridging the gap between community agencies by promoting collaboration and improving communication between the public and public officials.

Featuring Dr. Chris Hartley, Deputy Executive Director of the California Collaborative for Educational Excellence and former Humboldt County Superintendent of Schools, and Dr. Colby Smart, Deputy Superintendent of Humboldt County Office of Education

Building relationships with our teams is key, as they also help us overcome the challenges with improvement work. Listen how these leaders are developing relationship capacity within their organizations.

System-wide Education Improvement

With solutions to support excellence from the district office to the classroom, Studer Education meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to go.

Organizational Excellence Coaching​

Apply a systems improvement approach to achieve at the highest levels. Coach leaders to focus on people, strategy, execution, culture, and results.​

Strategic Planning

Develop an aligned strategic direction and implement systems and processes that empower people to execute on strategy.

Leading School Improvement

Turn around under-performing schools or take consistent schools to the next level with proven leadership strategies.

Leading Classroom Improvement

Integrate improvement practices in classrooms to engage teachers, students, and parents in student learning.​

Feedback Surveys & Results

Use data and input from stakeholders to develop solve big challenges with the support and alignment. ​

Nine Principles Academy

Provide just-in-time, research-based tools and training to scale effective leadership and instructional practices for school and classroom leaders.​

Accomplish results by tackling big challenges

  • Align Teams on a Shared Strategic Direction​
  • Establish Systems and Processes that Accelerate Results​
  • Engage Your Community, Families, and Board Members as Partners in Achieving Outcomes
  • Implement Continuous Improvement Initiatives at Scale​
  • Transform Workplace Culture​
  • Develop All Leaders and Empower them to Solve Problems​

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