Transforming Education in Oregon

Oregon education leaders are working together to drive positive change, foster continuous improvement, and shape a brighter future for all students.

Studer Education collaborates with K12 districts across the country to drive continuous school improvement and achieve positive student outcomes. Schools and districts partner with us to create cultural change, paving the way for transformative initiatives. Through strategic planning, educator commitment, and community support, our partners in Oregon and across the nation achieve tangible outcomes and successes.

Transforming Education in Oregon

Our Impact

“By using improvement practices and strategies it has allowed me to not go off feelings, but on what the data is telling me. This has also pushed me to not just go through the motions, but always look for a more efficient way to improve the system for the benefit of staff, students, and families.”
Trevor Syring, Vice Principal, River Mill Elementary School


“Leaders also need great coaches. You cannot pick any athletic sports team that isn’t coached by a coach, and this is an opportunity that Studer Education provides along with its tools and tactics and a recipe for success…we couldn’t have done it without (our leader coach) Kathy Oropallo. Kathy is a part of who we are as a culture… it’s so fun to able to see our successes and our wins continue to collect with someone who we have trusted dearly to help us support in extremely vulnerable experiences.”
Ryan Carpenter, Superintendent, Estacada School District


“I was the first person to say ‘This (rounding) is kind of lame. I don’t really want to do this as a superintendent.’ But when you follow the protocols and build relationships you see change and you have people begin to develop further trust in the process and district.”
Dave Kline, Superintendent, Colton School District


“We started through wanting to learn more about the continuous improvement processes/improvement science work at Carnegie. Pat Greco did a local training. This session resonated with the Redmond community. They were in a mindset of wanting to operationalize continuous improvement. The connection with Studer surfaced as it’s bigger than simply PDSAs.”
Linda Seeberg, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Redmond School District


Oregon School Improvement Story

Increase School Staff Retention with These Two Critical Conversations

To enhance retention efforts, initiate 30- and 90-day conversations, ensuring positive experiences and fostering engagement from day one. Implementing these practices, regular check-ins, and supportive onboarding activities cultivates a culture where employees feel valued and heard, ultimately bolstering retention and organizational success.

Explore ways to be intentional and make sure all employee voices are heard. Start by adopting 30/90-day conversations with new employees. Make this habit a cornerstone of your leadership practices.

The 30- and 90-day interviews are not only good for developing relationships and making sure people feel listened to and valued, but through the hardwiring of this process, we were able to capitalize on learning opportunities.

Consult with Our Solutions Experts in Oregon

Tim Hansford

Tim Hansford
Partner Development Associate

Ryan Hess

Ryan Hess
Director of Partner Development

Hear Stories of Oregon Excellence

The Accelerate Your Performance podcast shares stories of excellent organizations, ground-breaking leaders, and the practices behind their success. These episodes focus on our Oregon partners who use tactical actions to improve workplace culture and their organizational effectiveness.

Dr. Charan Cline, Superintendent of the Redmond School District, shares insights on using reflective practices to navigate organizational and communication challenges. By implementing a strategic scorecard process, the district improved goal alignment, communication, and accountability, leading to increased reading proficiency and reduced absenteeism.

Dr. Ryan Carpenter, Superintendent of the Estacada School District, discusses efforts at enhancing communication at all levels in his district. Listen as Dr. Carpenter shares how he has used surveys to gather input from employees, parents, and students and how he has rolled out the results.

Dr. Candace Pelt, Superintendent of Central Linn School District, shares her transformative leadership and strategic planning approach. Emphasizing community engagement and transparency, the district strategic plan is built around five pillars that guide decision-making and ensure alignment with community values.

Showing your team that you care about them as individuals and value their great work is a powerful way to boost morale and increase employee engagement. The David Douglas School District  in Portland, Oregon is a shining example when it comes to recognizing their people. Their program, Douglas Heroes, recognizes and celebrates employees who go above and beyond in the work they do.

System-wide Education Improvement

With solutions to support excellence from the district office to the classroom, Studer Education meets you where you are and helps you get where you want to go.

Organizational Excellence Coaching​

Apply a systems improvement approach to achieve at the highest levels. Coach leaders to focus on people, strategy, execution, culture, and results.​

Strategic Planning

Develop an aligned strategic direction and implement systems and processes that empower people to execute on strategy.

Leading School Improvement

Turn around under-performing schools or take consistent schools to the next level with proven leadership strategies.

Leading Classroom Improvement

Integrate improvement practices in classrooms to engage teachers, students, and parents in student learning.​

Feedback Surveys & Results

Use data and input from stakeholders to develop solve big challenges with the support and alignment. ​

Nine Principles Academy

Provide just-in-time, research-based tools and training to scale effective leadership and instructional practices for school and classroom leaders.​

Accomplish results by tackling big challenges

  • Align Teams on a Shared Strategic Direction​
  • Establish Systems and Processes that Accelerate Results​
  • Engage Your Community, Families, and Board Members as Partners in Achieving Outcomes
  • Implement Continuous Improvement Initiatives at Scale​
  • Transform Workplace Culture​
  • Develop All Leaders and Empower them to Solve Problems​

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